Its all about how we percieve

Yesterday I read a good thought written on board which I happened to notice while travelling.

It read-

“Nothing is waste if segregated properly.”

This statement made me ponder rest of the day. Somehow the optimist in me kept thinking on this for long time.

Few days back I heard a teacher scolding it’s student -” Your exam scores are below average, you are complete waste.” Somehow I didn’t like the teacher’s demoralizing words. That student may not had been good at studies but that didn’t mean that he was a ‘waste’. May be he was not in right career path. He needed to be segregated and directed in right profession. I too had this demoralizing experience in my school days in relation to the subject ‘Mathematics’. A Teacher should not utter such words. They break your morale at tender age. Even a waste can be made into something which is completely useful. It is a skill to create the best from waste. I respect the persons who find out best from waste.

Coming back to the topic, We create so much of waste everyday. Not only physical but also psychological. But as aplty said nothing is waste if segregated properly. We need to segregate things and even thoughts. Yes my friends, even the thoughts and emotions should be segregated as per person and situation. Most important is ceasing the generation of waste itself. Negative thoughts should be filtered at very first step when they arise. Even if they persist as waste in your mind , segregate them with a technique of viewing them as different entity(How to do this,will be explained later). This approach helps a lot to deal with obstacles. After all its about how we perceive things.

With this I take your leave. See you soon.Till then Stay happy stay fit!



Nature at its best.

It has been two days for ‘Holi ‘(The festival of colours celebrated in India) and we witnessed roads splashed with colours and colours everywhere in the surroundings! I still recollect a person ,who was not an Indian and  I happened to hear him in a conference in India saying that India means ‘Land of colours’. Absolutely true. We love colors in life. They make our lives cheerful.

Today I’m not writing about contribution of colors to our lives,but about how nature too makes us aware of its existence with variety of colors. So, want to witness the nature at its best?

Have a look-

These are the beautiful orange flowers of Flame of forest tree(known as palas locally). when this tree is at its full bloom it looks as though its put on fire.

palas flower

Also have a look at these flowers of Salmalia malabarica (Silk cotton tree). This tree looks damn beautiful,  It starts loosing all its leaves as it begins to flower.



Then there are flowers of Oleander tree- White and Pink varieties. They appear so beautiful on the plant.



Flowers of Amla(Indian gooseberry).I felt lucky enough to have witnessed this flowering.


Flowers of Ashoka plant(Saraca indica)- These flowers have a mild, pleasant fragrance that refreshes you in scorching heat.


Inflorescence of Asparagus racemosus plant- This one was seen in my own home garden!


This spring season is that time of year when the nature is at its best, blooming and spreading joy.  Do spare some time from your busy routine to take a glimpse at nature, at these plants.


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Back again….

Hello friends and readers,

I’m finally back again after a long break of months. Firstly I apologize my readers for uninformed absence. Due to many things happening in life at personal and professional level, I couldn’t write and post anything despite of many thoughts springing in my head, desperately longing for getting out.

Friends I’m very happy to be back again. I missed this place, co-bloggers and readers desperately. Guys I am trying to cope up again after this break. I’m sure you all will definitely support me.

So, excited for upcoming post? I will be shortly posting it.

Thank-you well-wishers and blogger friends.


So what if I cannot raise my voice?

Has anybody else stumbled upon this question in their lives? Yes it may have bothered you at least once in your life. Actually it should be asked more appropriately as- ‘Why’ I cannot raise my voice?

There are situations when I’m verbally insulted or not taken into account or accused for things I haven’t done, when I need to defend myself, but I cannot! I cannot raise a voice against anything. Something within ‘me’ prevents me from doing such deed.

Image source-Internet

Does it mean that I have no feelings? Certainly NOT!

I can’t  express everything in words. Its a silly expectation of mine that each and every person who knows me should ‘understand’ my unsaid feelings! There are many actions I do unsaid for people which I don’t like to mention. I feel its like keeping an account of each action. I cannot live a calculated life like this.

Am I wrong if I think so?

What is the solution to my problem? Should I change my attitude? But then the dilemma is why should I change for someone who doesn’t even understand ‘me’?  What I realized in this many years is –

‘Silence’ is least cared entity! It has so much to say, but not all are blessed with ears to hear it.

Am I exaggerating my feelings? Sorry if I am, but its the only way to express myself. I feel relieved when I’m writing my heart and letting my emotions out. I’m lucky enough that I have found this way, this blog to express.

I wonder how other people (similar traits,if any) like me end up fighting such battles of emotions within them with a happy face and calm behavior? because nobody else realize the stir-up of emotions happening in them!

Friends, this article is ‘straight from heart’. Do let me know if any similar trait person exists, and if yes, how they have overcome the situations in their life?



Today was our last day at this city. The conference ended and we got ample time to explore few places here. The first thing we did was hired a local cab to reach this place called Princep ghat. The cab driver was an enthusiastic person who immediately took up the role of tour guide and gave us more information on places there as we passed by. He took us via Eden garden stadium way where we waited for few seconds to take pictures of stadium from his cab.who would resist clicking pictures,especially when your favourite cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s image was visible on the display of the stadium. Thanks to that driver!

Gates of Eden garden stadium,Kolkata
Sacin Tendulkar’s image displayed

He then shown us few more places on his own before dropping us at princep ghat by evening. It was built in 1841 along the bank of the hooghly river in India in the memory of the eminent Anglo-Indian scholar James Princep. It was designed by W. Fitzgerald and constructed in 1843. The place is well known for hanging out, boating, and street food. The evening view of this place is mesmerizing. We sat there for about an hour watching calm water of river and buzz of people around us.

An evening view from princep ghat,kolkata


View of River Hooghly, Princep ghat, kolkata

Most important part of any travel or trip is FOOD. your kolkata trip is incomplete without Roshogullas and puchkas and many more.Puchka is different from Panipuri that we get to eat in Mumbai. it contains mashed potatoes and mixed boiled gram with green chillies and is bit spicier and sour to taste. Besides puchka we got to taste jhal muri(form of bhel) and ghugni chat. One should definitely taste the street food in kolkata.

It was late evening when we left from princep ghat and travelled by local bus till dharamtala, a place from where we wanted to board a ‘TRAM’ to our destination. I think this is the last place left to see and travel in tram in India.

Travelling in a tram,kolkata
Kolkata Tram

We made a mandatory visit to market place to have a look at Sarees especially ‘Kolkata silk'(They are known for their light weight) and purchase few for our relatives(of course female counterparts!).

We reached the destination late in the evening and planned to eat some local food before boarding early morning flight next day. We had our dinner at well-known hotel in kolkata where I learnt a very good lesson of knowing about the preparation from google before ordering any cuisine in travelling. I ordered something called ‘prarambhik shukto'(thinking that prarambhik must be something ‘basic’, taking the literal meaning of that word) which turned out to be a good combination vegetable dish of bittergourd,raddish, sweet potato and what not prepared in mustard oil(taste that we were’nt used to!). My non-vegetarian friends had good time with a ‘fish’ dish! Well,leaving this experience apart We had very good time in Kolkata city.

We visited a sweet shop called ‘Mithai’ where we tasted the sweets like Gud-roshogullas(they vary from normal Roshogullas as they are prepared in Jaggery(Gud)), Normal sugar Roshogullas and Sondesh(Type os sweet). To our surprise we ended up purchasing the sweets more than decided numbers! We rushed to our hotel for we had to pack these unexpected excess things purchased and board an early morning flight next day! Our day had actually ended on a very ‘Sweet’ note!

This unplanned, unorganized trip of mine will always remain in my memory. It was not only adventurous but first of its kind. I met many helpful and soft spoken people there. Kolkata, you will always be missed!!

Good bye friends, Hope you enjoyed Kolkata. I will meet you soon with other posts and  new travelogue because –

“Travelling is not just about discovering places and people, its about discovering oneself!”


(Friends do let me know how you find this travel diaries , as its a very new venture of mine. Suggestions,if any are welcome.

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New Year, “new” me?

It’s 31st of December and people are all set to say goodbye to 2018 .The celebration parties for new year are in full swing. People are planning to meet friends, acquaintances, family, relatives on this last day of the year. In short all are eager to welcome new year wholeheartedly. Whats new in it? we do this every year, year after year. Nothing as such changes in our lives on 1st January except for few resolutions like getting up early everyday, doing work out in gym, learning something new etc, that too last for few days .


Hmmm! Then what is so special about new year?  It still feels optimistic on the last day of year and when we are about to enter the new year. I  really can’t explain that feeling. Last day  gives us time to review the events, relations, friendships of the year. It is the realization day of mistakes that had occurred, or things we messed up and some good memories that we can cherish life long. This day seems like self-realization day when you understand that you were actually good at many things and situations. it make us realize our potential.New year feels like new ray of hope. Hope for progressing better than today. Hope of pursuing your dreams against all odds and more important, “Following your heart”.


2018 taught me many things. It was a best teacher I have got so far! It taught me that-

1.No one remains constant with you or for you.

2. Always do good and help the needful. but never expect the same from anyone.

3. Never give advice, unless asked for.

4. Believe in yourself more than anyone.

5. Determination ,dedication towards work, sincerity and modesty not only lead you to success but also enrich you as a person.

Besides above lessons, this year also gave me a platform to express myself through this blog of mine- “Elixir of life-Live,laugh and love“, and many blogger friends and readers like you .So, I’m thankful to this year and all of you for being a part of my journey!

What I can say today on 31st December,2018 is-

Nothing changed for me in new year, It’s “I” who have changed.


I wish all my readers, followers, Blogger friends, a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2019.


See you soon with new posts. Let’s continue the journey called”LIFE”.

Sweet city ‘Kolkata’- Part 2 (At A.J.C.B Botanical Garden)

Last time I told you about Victoria memorial museum. It was the best place to visit during evening. Here are few of its pictures-



VICTORIA MEMORIAL MUSEUM-view from rear side

Next day, we visited Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden, at Howrah. This garden is the largest botanical garden in India and I must say that it is worth seeing once in lifetime!We inquired for bus to Howrah and boarded one. It dropped us at the gates of the garden after one and half hour of journey, crossing howrah bridge(it is very famous bridge and there is also a hindi movie with similar name). Basically the bridge connects this place howrah with kolkata and is built on river ‘hooghly’. The AJCB Botanical garden is a huge garden with many plant species. It has also conserved many rare Ayurvedic medicinal plants in ‘Charak Udyan’.  There is a 150 year old Banyan (Ficus bengalhensis) tree  spread extensively in this garden. It presently has 3772 aerial roots reaching ground as prop roots. It is worth watching.

The Great Banyan Tree
Close up taken at the Gate of Great banyan tree. Adventitious roots are visible which are from one tree. It looks like a forest but actually is one tree spead extensively over years.

We also witnessed other species like giant lilies, Bamboo plantations, etc. We got to visit Charak udyan after taking permission from authority.I appreciate the discipline, politeness and hospitality of people there.

Giant water lily
Giant Water Lilies (without flowers)

Medicinal plants we saw there are- Iris germanica, Coscinium fenestratum, Glycyrrhiza glabra(Liquorice), Santalum album(Sandalwood), Coffee plant, Nutmeg plant, Clerodendron species, Rauwolfia species and many more. I must say that efforts taken by staff and all garden authorities in maintenance and conservation of plants are worth appreciating.

Hooghly river (Picture taken through bus from bridge while returning back from howrah.)

We returned to our hotel in evening. This day was well spent in largest Botanical garden in India.  Next day was the last day there with conference till noon. However our visit to kolkata was still incomplete without tasting local cuisine,street food and mithai(sweets) especially rasgullas!

To be continued………. 


Readers, I hope you enjoyed this second part of My visit to sweet city “Kolkata”. I will soon post the next and last part. be sure to read that too!


Nomination for Liebster award

Hello Friends,

I’m happy to announce that I have been nominated for Liebster award by blogger Irene,My Slice of Mexico. It is the 2nd nomination I have received after blogging for 6 months.

Firstly, thank you so much Irene for this nomination. His blog is interesting blog about Mexican cuisine which also focuses on history and culture of Mexico through food. Do visit his blog-

The rules of this award are-

  1. Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award.
  2. Answer 11 questions that blogger gives you.
  3. Give 11 random thoughts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination.
  5. Give these blogs 11 questions to answer.

Questions asked by Irene-

Personality: Are you a …
1) Half-full-glass or half-empty-glass person?
2) Driver or passenger?
3) Fish in the water or land lover?
4) Early or late person?
Your Favourite things:
5) Food and beverage(s)
6) Sport(s) (play or watch)
7) Movie genre(s)
8) Fictional character(s)
9) Animal(s)
10) Day of the week
11) Do you like Math? (hee-hee, get it?)

My answers to the questions from Irene-

1.Indeed I’m half glass full person.

2.It depends on situation. Enjoy being both driver and passenger at times.

3. Land lover

4.Early person, always before the time.

Your Favourite things

5. Food – I love food, all cuisines and to speak of beverages I’m just the Tea-lover.

6.Sports- Cricket, Tennis and football (love to watch).

7.Movie genres- Thriller, Mystery ,

8.Fictional characters- Haha, that is difficult.

9.Animals- Dogs, Tigers

10.Day of week- Saturday


11.Do you like Math? My answer- Nope, Not at all.

11 Random thoughts about me-

1. I’m a more outgoing personality than I seem. So I’m often misjudged.

2. I would always prefer good company to hang out with rather than spending free time with gadgets.

3. I love to know people and read them like books.

4. I equally care for nature and human beings. I believe in harmony and peace.

5.Knowledge of each and everything matters for me. I like to go in depth of every situation and problem in life to find answers.

6. I adore the persons who struggle in their life to achieve something.

7. Friendship is something I value the most and do lot of things unsaid for friends. Unfortunately very few friends are worth it.

8. Sometimes small treks in forests, away from city life seem more worthy to attend than visiting malls and amusement parks etc in spare time.

9. I believe in Good. Be it in “Good person’ or ‘Good’ in every person.

10. Its my dream to visit all the places across the globe, travelling all the countries, tasting their cuisines, witnessing their cultures.(Don’t know whether it will come true in this life!but I’m optimistic about it)

11. I’m proud of my country India, and feel lucky enough to be born here.

Nominating these bloggers-

I am nominating these bloggers I have known and went through their blogs in this six months of my blogging span, for Liebster award –












My questions for the nominated bloggers-

1. What do you think are the qualities of blogger that makes him unique?

2. What one thing will you advice young generation ?

3. What does friendship mean to you?

4. Best memory of your life

5. What do you think about country ‘India’ and indians ?

6. How do you judge a person(in general)?

7. What are your views on gender equality?

8.Your favourite person(the one you love or adore)

9. Your passion in life is___

10. What is your concept of good and evil?

11. Your favorite beach is _____.

Friends hope you liked the questions!

I once again thank Irene for considering me for nomination.


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