God’s own country- “Kerala” Part 1.

Kerala, a state in India is famous for Backwaters, beaches, valleys and mountains, dense forests, rich wildlife, tea and coffee plantations, spices and many more. It is also the homeland of Ayurveda and traditional martial arts ‘Kalaripayyattu’. Recently unfortunately, it faced the wrath of heavy rainfall and resulting floods. I salute to the spirit of my people of Kerala and pray for their well being.

I have visited few places in Kerala timely, sometimes as family outing, sometime for attending conference. Recently I happened to visit this beautiful place called “Munnar” there. This time purpose of my travel was to view a flower that blooms after every 12 years span. An event celebrated like festival. Munnar is a small town and hill station in Idukki district. Being far from city it is blessed with serenity and it has maintained it with a grace amidst of group of travelers visiting it round the year.

As we started our journey from Kochi airport, scenario outside the vehicle changed gradually from tall buildings and malls to green patches of land. We had lunch on the way, a traditional cuisine comprising of steaming hot rice, rassam (traditional currey), two to three types of Sabjis (pineapple and fruit; cabbage and grated coconut and third I couldn’t identify but tasted well!), Bimbli (a Sour local fruit) chutney, papad, kela (Banana) chips, served on banana leaf which was to be eaten with bare hands; followed by bowls of curd and Payasam(special kheer).

Traditional cuisine served on Banana leaf

The food not only tasted well but also pacified the hunger. After lunch we left for chalukuddy to see Athirapilly waterfalls.Athirapilly waterfalls are largest falls in kerala. The chalukuddy river that originates in Annamudi mountain ranges, becomes somewhat turbulent near these falls.

Athirapilly waterfall,Kerala

We walked past a trail through forest accompanied by monkey troops till the falls. Water from the fall splashed on huge rocks below and bounced up radiating rainbow colors that were visible in water. Strong winds blowing and water falling and splashing were the ones who were making noise. The surrounding felt ecstatic!

Rainbow colors visible in water

If this isn’t heaven, what else it can be?

After storing these ‘pics’ in cameras and ‘serenity’ of place in our memories we began further journey.

To be continued……


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