Yesterday as I said goodbye to my cousin sister who is going abroad for higher education, days from our childhood till present flashed before me like a movie. As I prevented my eyes from flooding with tears, those memories stirred something inside my heart and a question, “why are goodbyes so difficult?” stood knocking at the door of my conscience.

Friends, I’m sure most of you must have experienced this feeling at some time and phase of your lives. Be it seeing someone off, or leaving an institution you studied at after your completion of studies, this feeling is always full of mixed emotions. Farewell parties always begin with fun, cheerful feeling but they mostly end on sad note with a realisation that this particular person/s won’t be there for and with us tomorrow like before!

Yes, goodbyes are difficult! But there are times when they are essential! Wait a minute, what have I written? Yes, you read absolutely correct. That’s what I feel! In certain situations and for certain person in your life they are essential.

We have many friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues etc ; people with different attitude, thinking and behaviour. You can’t be comfortable with all everytime. There comes situation when they side track you, disrespect you, your feelings towards them by their actions. That’s the time they make you realise that they don’t value or care for you inspite of your caring attitude and efforts you have taken for them or for a relation to be strong.

Guys I think, that’s the time to say goodbye to those people or that relationships. Because it is high time they must realise that there exists an something called ‘Dignity’ which every individual has and it needs to be maintained bilaterally.

So Goodbyes are difficult but sometimes essential for one’s mental peace.



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  1. Yes it is very true, I experienced it when I left behind my childhood after getting married & actually जेव्हा लग्न मंडपातून निघाले त्यावेळी दादांना ………


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