Rain (last story)

Straight from the “heart”

Days of internship are the best days of medico’s life. They teach you a lot. They are not always tiring. We come across some incidences where we find moments of relaxation. I would like to tell you one such incidence.

I was posted as intern in ICU ward of a government hospital in Mumbai during month of July. Internship is busy phase of life .it becomes busiest in rainy season especially in city like Mumbai where traveling becomes your necessity and you pray that rains don’t disturb the transport.

In our daily work I came across an aged,poor patient who was sent for doing ecg follwed by advice in ICU.

He was a hawker by profession. I promptly called my registrar (senior doctor) after seeing his X-ray report that showed cardiomegaly.

We were trying to explain him his medical condition. When the registrar said with a serious look – ” Chacha aapke Dil ka size badha hua hai(size of your heart has increased abnormally).”

He stared at us with complete surprise on face.

” Lekin madam yeh toh acchi baat hai na ki mai bade Dil wala ban Gaya!”

(This phrase ‘ bade dilwala’ means ‘generous man’ in hindi)

We both were speechless for some time followed by small phase of laughter. We explained him the seriousness of his condition and guided him for further treatment. He didn’t seem panicked but had realised the condition and assured that he will see the physician immediately.

That patient managed to bring smile on our faces with his innocence in the hectic schedule.I never saw him again as our duty changed. But this incidence will remain in my memory for lifetime.

Being happy is not just a condition, it’s a Choice. Calmness and faith in the face of adversity shows your endurance. Thunderstorms are followed by light showers. Nothing is constant. So why worry? Let’s be like rain. Unplanned, unpredictable and shower happiness whenever you can.

With this I take your leave today.

Stay happy stay healthy!

– OptimistSaya

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