Few words in remembrance of a good friend,pen-friend….

Today is 5th May, the date I remembered every year as birthdate of acquaintance & pen-friend (after all we share the same birthday month!), who later became a good friend. Yes, I’m talking about –Military Pilot Anil Kumar, also lovingly known as ‘M.P’ among his friends. Even if he is not amongst us now, I still remember this date every year.

I first got to know of him during my school days in a lesson ‘Airborne to chairborne’ in my English textbook in Class Xth. A military pilot’s journey from flying aircrafts like MIG-21 to becoming confined to the wheel chair for lifetime due to condition called ‘quadriplegia’ that he suffered because of a road accident. I was highly inspired by him and wanted to meet him in person sometime. I also wrote him a letter and sent him on the address mentioning just the name of that place (other details I didn’t knew!). In that hustle I forgot to mention my address. I never expected a reply, but I got one from him! How? That’s very interesting story, will narrate sometime later.

From that day we became penfriends through letters and friends later on. His reply would be in a form of typed letter which he used to type on specialized computer whose keyboard he operated holding pen in the mouth (later, when technology advanced, we used e-mails for convenience of communication). His letters would always be inspiring. He had a good command over English language(so much that I had to search for some words in dictionary!). I had expressed my desire to meet him at the paraplegic home where he stayed. I got the chance when he happily agreed for the meet, Me and my dad visited him on one fine morning (after a long search of address). He, was one of the nicest persons I ever met! So full of optimism. I told him about my dream of becoming a ‘Doctor’. He was very happy for that. One of his letters said this which I will remember for life time- “Have courage in the face of adversity, patience in the face of frustration and faith in the face of grief Today, when I am summoned for the duty as doctor in times of this crisis pandemic, I have this M.P’s advice with me, which gives me hope and strength to fight all odds.

M.P, I know you are not among us now, but you are always remembered. Your advice on courage, determination and optimism has been there & will be with me throughout my journey in medical profession and as a human being in this in life.


[Note- I have shared more about him (as his pen-friend), in the book named ‘Born to fly’, which has been written by M.P’s friend Nitin Sathe(published by Vistasta publications). Do read it to know more about his journey.]

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Difficult times- let’s fight it together

Sunset captured by me @ goan beach
Note:- Image subject to copyright

“Difficult times shall pass and World will be peaceful and happy again


CHAPTER 1. Don’t loose hope

Hello everyone. I hope all of you are fit and fine. We know friends that world is going through tough times dealing with the novel corona virus threat.

People are dying, few are in isolation,some on hope to get cured, some unfortunate ones waiting for their death! We, in India, specifically in Mumbai are in 21 days lockdown scenario(which is apt owing to the public health concern)

It feels so gloomy and depressive thinking of current scenario!

But we are hopeful that this too will pass, we will fight and emerge out again like phoenix bird.

Just like after every gloomy sunset, there is a blissful morning, we will welcome new time with new ray of hope.

Till the we will keep our moral high and not let anyone of us succumb to loneliness and depression.

I make use of this platform today to request fellow bloggers to share this, find people who can make use of this initiative to keep the hope alive in this difficult time. I request people, readers to share their stories here if they wish!

let us come together ONLINE in this times of social distancing. Distance physically, Stay connected through this blog psychologically.


(Email- optimistsaya@gmail.com

Feel free to mail me for suggestions, queries)

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Plants-My masters!

Hello Friends,

Today on this occasion of World Environment Day, I am writing this post.-

“I am otherwise very good person but there is one complaint about me that whenever I step out of my house I observe more plants than people. It is a fact indeed. Many of my acquaintances do make fun of this habit. But I Can’t help it.”

Actually what started as a need of my study subject became my habit later on. From observing the peculiar characteristics of plant species and identifying, I slowly started learning from them. I found my masters (Gurus) in plants. You won’t believe they have taught me many memorable lessons of life and shown path during my vulnerable times when I felt lost.

Recently I noticed people are lacking awareness about environment of which these mute beings are major part. So I felt a desperate need to dedicate an article to them. If you ask me what have the plants taught you?

My plants have taught me –

  1. To survive all the adversities.
  2. To remain deeply rooted to the ground.
  3. To give shelter to the needy.
  4. To blossom in right season and shed leaves in unfavorable times.
  5. To live to the fullest, come what may.
  6. Some stages during growth are dormant. But that doesn’t mean absence of growth . It’s the preparation of future events.
  7. Its doesn’t matter whether you are a tree or grass, what matters is that you are something. Trees teach you endurance and grass teach you persistence.
  8. Tree is not greener all the days.Nothing except change is constant. One who adapts in season changes, survives.
  9. Nothing can grow beneath a banyan tree. It means you can find protection but not growth in the vicinity of huge personality.
  10. Patience is the greatest of all virtues taught by plants.

This is what I learnt from them.I have found eternal bliss living with my plants. It’s my wish to protect them lifelong and spread awareness in the society regarding their conservation. So, with this I take your leave .

Let’s make a resolution to conserve plants, and environment and make World a better place.


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First birthday Celebrations

Hello friends, readers of this blog and co-bloggers. I am a regular reader of this blog and good friend of OptimistSaya. How are you all? Hope everything is good.

Today is special! Because our beloved blog ‘Elixir of life- Live,Laugh and Love’ has completed one successful year on WordPress today. That means it’s OptimistSaya’s First birthday as blogger. Let me first take a review of this one year.

Birth of this Blogger’OptimistSaya’-

OptimistSaya began blogging after a friend of it, persuaded and literally emailed the created blog site with password on WordPress. Friend was aware of OptimistSaya’s writing skills and bunch of articles written by him highlight his addiction to pen and paper over any app.After that this journey began with us. Coming out of traditional process of ‘writing’ articles ,OptimistSaya ventured on this WordPress app by ‘typing’ articles and thoughts that sprang in mind .

Journey of blogging-

Frankly speaking this blog had never began with any intention or specific areas of interest. It was just a small act of expressing each and every thought, ideas that came straight from heart. It slowly began to focus on finding optimism in life. ‘Optimist’ was the first penname used to write this blog which was later named as ‘OptimistSaya’.

This blog has till date published 60 posts on varied topics under categories- Stories, Travellogues, Articles included under category- ‘Straight from the heart’, Thought for a day’, and many more. It has 168 WordPress followers ,5 email followers and 50 facebook followers(to whom OptimistSaya is grateful for support).

Story behind the author’s name-

There is a story behind this name too. ‘Saya’ means ‘soul in hindi language. Author of this blog is an interesting and versatile persona who is a hardcore optimist at heart. That’s why the name.This person prefers to be a backstage artist  and prefers solitude over social groups. However he finds bliss in the company of people with good sense of humor. I felt good to meet and befriend him.

This article is a small gift from me to OptimistSaya. You have always shown me right path in times of distress. May god bless you with good health and a long life.

Friends,I’m sure this blog must have entertained you, made you to ponder over issues, sometimes made you happy and smile. In a way it must have made a small impact on your lives and enhanced the optimism in your outlook towards life.

I wish OptimistSaya a very happy birthday and may god bless you with all the ideas to keep writing , inspiring people and making impact on the society.

A well-wisher of this blog and Friend of OptimistSaya

(Note- OptimistSaya wishes to continue writing with its penname. His message to readers and followers- Do keep reading and living life to the fullest. And suggestions if any can be mailed to optimistsaya@gmail.com)

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Nature at its best.

It has been two days for ‘Holi ‘(The festival of colours celebrated in India) and we witnessed roads splashed with colours and colours everywhere in the surroundings! I still recollect a person ,who was not an Indian and  I happened to hear him in a conference in India saying that India means ‘Land of colours’. Absolutely true. We love colors in life. They make our lives cheerful.

Today I’m not writing about contribution of colors to our lives,but about how nature too makes us aware of its existence with variety of colors. So, want to witness the nature at its best?

Have a look-

These are the beautiful orange flowers of Flame of forest tree(known as palas locally). when this tree is at its full bloom it looks as though its put on fire.


palas flower

Also have a look at these flowers of Salmalia malabarica (Silk cotton tree). This tree looks damn beautiful,  It starts loosing all its leaves as it begins to flower.



Then there are flowers of Oleander tree- White and Pink varieties. They appear so beautiful on the plant.



Flowers of Amla(Indian gooseberry).I felt lucky enough to have witnessed this flowering.


Flowers of Ashoka plant(Saraca indica)- These flowers have a mild, pleasant fragrance that refreshes you in scorching heat.


Inflorescence of Asparagus racemosus plant- This one was seen in my own home garden!


This spring season is that time of year when the nature is at its best, blooming and spreading joy.  Do spare some time from your busy routine to take a glimpse at nature, at these plants.


(Note-Readers, Suggestions and opinions are welcome. feel free to mail on optimistsaya@gmail.com)

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So what if I cannot raise my voice?

Has anybody else stumbled upon this question in their lives? Yes it may have bothered you at least once in your life. Actually it should be asked more appropriately as- ‘Why’ I cannot raise my voice?

There are situations when I’m verbally insulted or not taken into account or accused for things I haven’t done, when I need to defend myself, but I cannot! I cannot raise a voice against anything. Something within ‘me’ prevents me from doing such deed.

Image source-Internet

Does it mean that I have no feelings? Certainly NOT!

I can’t  express everything in words. Its a silly expectation of mine that each and every person who knows me should ‘understand’ my unsaid feelings! There are many actions I do unsaid for people which I don’t like to mention. I feel its like keeping an account of each action. I cannot live a calculated life like this.

Am I wrong if I think so?

What is the solution to my problem? Should I change my attitude? But then the dilemma is why should I change for someone who doesn’t even understand ‘me’?  What I realized in this many years is –

‘Silence’ is least cared entity! It has so much to say, but not all are blessed with ears to hear it.

Am I exaggerating my feelings? Sorry if I am, but its the only way to express myself. I feel relieved when I’m writing my heart and letting my emotions out. I’m lucky enough that I have found this way, this blog to express.

I wonder how other people (similar traits,if any) like me end up fighting such battles of emotions within them with a happy face and calm behavior? because nobody else realize the stir-up of emotions happening in them!

Friends, this article is ‘straight from heart’. Do let me know if any similar trait person exists, and if yes, how they have overcome the situations in their life?


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New Year, “new” me?

It’s 31st of December and people are all set to say goodbye to 2018 .The celebration parties for new year are in full swing. People are planning to meet friends, acquaintances, family, relatives on this last day of the year. In short all are eager to welcome new year wholeheartedly. Whats new in it? we do this every year, year after year. Nothing as such changes in our lives on 1st January except for few resolutions like getting up early everyday, doing work out in gym, learning something new etc, that too last for few days .


Hmmm! Then what is so special about new year?  It still feels optimistic on the last day of year and when we are about to enter the new year. I  really can’t explain that feeling. Last day  gives us time to review the events, relations, friendships of the year. It is the realization day of mistakes that had occurred, or things we messed up and some good memories that we can cherish life long. This day seems like self-realization day when you understand that you were actually good at many things and situations. it make us realize our potential.New year feels like new ray of hope. Hope for progressing better than today. Hope of pursuing your dreams against all odds and more important, “Following your heart”.


2018 taught me many things. It was a best teacher I have got so far! It taught me that-

1.No one remains constant with you or for you.

2. Always do good and help the needful. but never expect the same from anyone.

3. Never give advice, unless asked for.

4. Believe in yourself more than anyone.

5. Determination ,dedication towards work, sincerity and modesty not only lead you to success but also enrich you as a person.

Besides above lessons, this year also gave me a platform to express myself through this blog of mine- “Elixir of life-Live,laugh and love“, and many blogger friends and readers like you .So, I’m thankful to this year and all of you for being a part of my journey!

What I can say today on 31st December,2018 is-

Nothing changed for me in new year, It’s “I” who have changed.


I wish all my readers, followers, Blogger friends, a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2019.


See you soon with new posts. Let’s continue the journey called”LIFE”.

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Sweet city ‘Kolkata’- Part 2 (At A.J.C.B Botanical Garden)

Last time I told you about Victoria memorial museum. It was the best place to visit during evening. Here are few of its pictures-



VICTORIA MEMORIAL MUSEUM-view from rear side

Next day, we visited Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden, at Howrah. This garden is the largest botanical garden in India and I must say that it is worth seeing once in lifetime!We inquired for bus to Howrah and boarded one. It dropped us at the gates of the garden after one and half hour of journey, crossing howrah bridge(it is very famous bridge and there is also a hindi movie with similar name). Basically the bridge connects this place howrah with kolkata and is built on river ‘hooghly’. The AJCB Botanical garden is a huge garden with many plant species. It has also conserved many rare Ayurvedic medicinal plants in ‘Charak Udyan’.  There is a 150 year old Banyan (Ficus bengalhensis) tree  spread extensively in this garden. It presently has 3772 aerial roots reaching ground as prop roots. It is worth watching.

The Great Banyan Tree

Close up taken at the Gate of Great banyan tree. Adventitious roots are visible which are from one tree. It looks like a forest but actually is one tree spead extensively over years.

We also witnessed other species like giant lilies, Bamboo plantations, etc. We got to visit Charak udyan after taking permission from authority.I appreciate the discipline, politeness and hospitality of people there.

Giant water lily
Giant Water Lilies (without flowers)

Medicinal plants we saw there are- Iris germanica, Coscinium fenestratum, Glycyrrhiza glabra(Liquorice), Santalum album(Sandalwood), Coffee plant, Nutmeg plant, Clerodendron species, Rauwolfia species and many more. I must say that efforts taken by staff and all garden authorities in maintenance and conservation of plants are worth appreciating.

Hooghly river (Picture taken through bus from bridge while returning back from howrah.)

We returned to our hotel in evening. This day was well spent in largest Botanical garden in India.  Next day was the last day there with conference till noon. However our visit to kolkata was still incomplete without tasting local cuisine,street food and mithai(sweets) especially rasgullas!

To be continued………. 


Readers, I hope you enjoyed this second part of My visit to sweet city “Kolkata”. I will soon post the next and last part. be sure to read that too!


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Nomination for Liebster award

Hello Friends,

I’m happy to announce that I have been nominated for Liebster award by blogger Irene,My Slice of Mexico. It is the 2nd nomination I have received after blogging for 6 months.

Firstly, thank you so much Irene for this nomination. His blog is interesting blog about Mexican cuisine which also focuses on history and culture of Mexico through food. Do visit his blog-


The rules of this award are-

  1. Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award.
  2. Answer 11 questions that blogger gives you.
  3. Give 11 random thoughts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination.
  5. Give these blogs 11 questions to answer.

Questions asked by Irene-

Personality: Are you a …
1) Half-full-glass or half-empty-glass person?
2) Driver or passenger?
3) Fish in the water or land lover?
4) Early or late person?
Your Favourite things:
5) Food and beverage(s)
6) Sport(s) (play or watch)
7) Movie genre(s)
8) Fictional character(s)
9) Animal(s)
10) Day of the week
11) Do you like Math? (hee-hee, get it?)

My answers to the questions from Irene-

1.Indeed I’m half glass full person.

2.It depends on situation. Enjoy being both driver and passenger at times.

3. Land lover

4.Early person, always before the time.

Your Favourite things

5. Food – I love food, all cuisines and to speak of beverages I’m just the Tea-lover.

6.Sports- Cricket, Tennis and football (love to watch).

7.Movie genres- Thriller, Mystery ,

8.Fictional characters- Haha, that is difficult.

9.Animals- Dogs, Tigers

10.Day of week- Saturday


11.Do you like Math? My answer- Nope, Not at all.

11 Random thoughts about me-

1. I’m a more outgoing personality than I seem. So I’m often misjudged.

2. I would always prefer good company to hang out with rather than spending free time with gadgets.

3. I love to know people and read them like books.

4. I equally care for nature and human beings. I believe in harmony and peace.

5.Knowledge of each and everything matters for me. I like to go in depth of every situation and problem in life to find answers.

6. I adore the persons who struggle in their life to achieve something.

7. Friendship is something I value the most and do lot of things unsaid for friends. Unfortunately very few friends are worth it.

8. Sometimes small treks in forests, away from city life seem more worthy to attend than visiting malls and amusement parks etc in spare time.

9. I believe in Good. Be it in “Good person’ or ‘Good’ in every person.

10. Its my dream to visit all the places across the globe, travelling all the countries, tasting their cuisines, witnessing their cultures.(Don’t know whether it will come true in this life!but I’m optimistic about it)

11. I’m proud of my country India, and feel lucky enough to be born here.

Nominating these bloggers-

I am nominating these bloggers I have known and went through their blogs in this six months of my blogging span, for Liebster award –












My questions for the nominated bloggers-

1. What do you think are the qualities of blogger that makes him unique?

2. What one thing will you advice young generation ?

3. What does friendship mean to you?

4. Best memory of your life

5. What do you think about country ‘India’ and indians ?

6. How do you judge a person(in general)?

7. What are your views on gender equality?

8.Your favourite person(the one you love or adore)

9. Your passion in life is___

10. What is your concept of good and evil?

11. Your favorite beach is _____.

Friends hope you liked the questions!

I once again thank Irene for considering me for nomination.


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Sweet city ‘Kolkata’ (Part 1).

India is a land of diversity. It has variations, not only in people residing here, but also in its geography!

Last time we went to explore southern part of India, today we will go to one of the state in the east,i.e Bengal. More precisely ,in ‘Kolkata’. It was previously known by name Calcutta. It is not only the cultural capital but also known for its great history. Let us explore it-

“Nomoskor!, kemo acchish?” (Hello how are you?)

As soon as we stepped in Kolkata for attending a medical conference,we were greeted with these sweet dialect. Didn’t that sound sweet to your ears? Well guessed friends that is Bengali language. It is very sweet dialect much like people and their delicacies.

We went to our residence located in Park circus area, located in central Kolkata which is very busy area. We freshened up and got ready to explore the city on very first day as conference was scheduled next day.

A view from mini toy train in Science city kolkata.

We began from our venue of conference-“Science city” which is awesome place to see. It is an amazing science center, one of its kind! It uses many props to make science learning easier. Here are few quick captures from there-


After enjoying science in fun-learn way there, We moved to our next stop ‘Victoria Memorial’, which is a museum.

This Victoria Memorial located near Queens way in kolkata was built between year 1906 to 1920. It is huge building made in marble that houses many exhibits. There is huge garden spread across the area of about 64 acres around it.Though we had to cut the museum visit short due to lack of time, I would suggest that one must spare at least a day to visit this museum. It’s worth visiting.

The day ended on good note with a conference that followed next day. The last day we visited several other places in Kolkata.

To know more,read the next part which will be posted in few days.

Till then keep reading, commenting, travelling and sharing your travel experiences. Because-

“Life is short and World is Wide”


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Simply Beautiful

  1. These are some pics I happened to click few days back.collection of flowers. Posting them now-

Roses, we must appreciate them instead of cursing the thorns accompanying them.

I think one can find bliss in these beautiful flowers.

Why to “seek” and fight for proving the existence of that unknown good entity, if one can find it in these beings?


Friends , I won’t be able to post anything for few days due to my exams. Hoping to see you soon with new posts(after Christmas). Till then be happy ,stay healthy and keep the optimist in you alive! Adios amigos (Goodbye friends).

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Thanking all my readers and followers.

Today I have completed 6 months of blogging. I take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers.It is because of their support and boosting, I am able to continue this blogging journey.

As per the request of some readers and friends I am giving few links of my previous articles on this blog for quick reference-

1. Stories-

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5.Somethings to think upon-

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8.Self appreciation-


9.One Life-

10.Being beautiful from within-


Now I am taking your leave.

If any reader or follower wants to share it’s opinion and suggestions personally,

this is my E-mail id-


Thank you. Keep reading!

Copyright- All rights reserved @OptimistSaya.

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Travel diaries….

Who doesn’t like to travel? Exploring new places, witnessing new culture, relishing local cuisine…

I too like to travel, but from today I will take you with me again to all places I travelled and witness all the good or bad experiences; through my new venture into travellogue-

” Travel diaries”

So are you ready for this journey with an Optimist?

See you soon with my first travelogue ( presenting shortly)…..


Do follow the blog for updates

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Short poem dedicated to those who crave for having a trustworthy,best friend in their life-

At times, I feel so sad,

And find no reason to be glad!

I hope for a company of friend in my fear,

To wipe my tear and make me cheer!

But the Luck has yet put me on wait

For such a pal is difficult to get!


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la música es vida

“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same. ”  -John Denver

MUSIC is the best creation on Earth. It is something that connects you with yourself or your soul and doesn’t know boundaries. We may be divided by territories, nationality, religion etc, we are always connected by music. Words don’t matter, language doesn’t form barrier in music. It just swipes you to another world. Continue reading “la música es vida”

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One thing that is certain in our uncertain Life is DEATH! Doesn’t this statement seem contrasting? But that is the ultimate truth.

So, in this uncertain life, why do we allow entry to false ego, jealousy that do nothing other than ruining our lives? Considering this one life that we have got is a chance to “live” for one selves, we must live it to its fullest.


There are many things that we crave to do since childhood. As a child, I always wished to climb a mountain and scream on top of my voice, run on grass laden slopes, fly like a bird, dance like there is no tomorrow.

Continue reading “ONE LIFE….”

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Rain (last story)

Straight from the “heart”

Days of internship are the best days of medico’s life. They teach you a lot. They are not always tiring. We come across some incidences where we find moments of relaxation. I would like to tell you one such incidence.

I was posted as intern in ICU ward of a government hospital in Mumbai during month of July. Internship is busy phase of life .it becomes busiest in rainy season especially in city like Mumbai where traveling becomes your necessity and you pray that rains don’t disturb the transport.

In our daily work I came across an aged,poor patient who was sent for doing ecg followed by advice in ICU.

He was a hawker by profession. I promptly called my registrar (senior doctor) after seeing his X-ray report that showed cardiomegaly.

We were trying to explain him his medical condition. When the registrar said with a serious look – ” Chacha aapke Dil ka size badha hua hai(size of your heart has increased abnormally).”

He stared at us with complete surprise on face.

” Lekin madam yeh toh acchi baat hai na ki mai bade Dil wala ban Gaya!”

(This phrase ‘ bade dilwala’ means ‘generous man’ in hindi)

We both were speechless for some time followed by a little phase of laughter. We explained him the seriousness of his condition and guided him for further treatment. He didn’t seem panicked but had realised the condition and assured that he will see the physician immediately.

That patient managed to bring smile on our faces with his innocence in our hectic schedule.I never saw him again as our duty changed. But this incidence will remain in my memory for lifetime.

Being happy is not just a condition, it’s a Choice. Calmness and faith in the face of adversity shows your endurance. Thunderstorms are followed by light showers. Nothing is constant. So why worry? Let’s be like rain. Unplanned, unpredictable and shower happiness whenever you can.

With this I take your leave today.

Stay happy stay healthy!

– OptimistSaya

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Just a thought….

“There are only two ways to live your life-

One is as though nothing is a miracle other is as though everything is a miracle” – Albert Einstein

Miracles happen or not is very subjective phenomenon. One needs to experience them. My point here is living as though everything is miracle shows great level of optimism and hope. When we give our best to our work, miracles happen. There is no substitute to hardwork and dedication. However you definitely get rewarded for it in some way. Miracles happen when they are your goals you strive for, and you whole heartedly wish them to happen.

This kind of attitude gives moral strength in difficulties.

– Optimist

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Dance your heart out

Hello readers !

Today is International dance day. the event takes place every year on 29 april, i.e the birth anniversary of Jean-georges noverre (1727–1810), the creator of modern ballet.

This day is celebrated to encourage participation and education in dance through events and festivals held on the date all over the world. The day is important for those who can see the value and importance of the art form dance

Dance not only keeps you physically fit but also maintains good psyche and shapes your persona.

Especially in this pandemic condition it’s important to stay psychologically fit. Dance helps to achieve that.

This life is a blessing. Live it, love it. Stay happy. Dance your heart out. Let your soul exhibit it’s presence through it. Live every moment of the dance movement.


Human ‘touch’

That day I went to a grocery shop to buy few essentials, with utmost precautions, following pandemic protocol. Shop too followed all rules with all markings of social distancing marked. I waited in queue and happened to overhear the conversation of two little girls approximately 7-9 yrs age. Both were halted after long route cycling and they were talking about a person affected with Covid-19 viral disease  in their neighborhood.P.C-Internet

” Why the hell that man even comes out of house! He got cured but gave covid to his family! Now he will give it to us!! The other girl continued-
” Yes. And know what, the man holds the railing of staircase while coming down. Why does he even get out of house when he has so much of weakness. He should sit at home even after he is cured. Otherwise we will get corona because of him”

What they said about following home isolation norms was true in regards to pandemic but it literally shocked me the way they said! I never expected a child would say something like this with much of hatred about their neighbours. There was surely a way to speak it. May be they could have felt little compassion about the affected unfortunate ones.May be that man was so compelled to get out of house in the weakness to earn for his and family’s livelihood.
They  surely must have overheard their parents stigmatizing the neighbour!!

At the same time I saw a stray dog approaching a young boy sitting on bench nearby. The masked boy patted him on his back. The dog wagged his tail to show approval of the act of affection stayed there. He even rubbed his body against the boy’s legs, may be he wanted to ‘say’ ,” pat me dude, I feel so good when you touch me with compassion”.

This two happenings at same time made me think deeply.p.c- Internet

Are we getting distanced because of this pandemic ’emotionally’ too?

This pandemic has deprived us of human touch and compassion.
What wonder does the touch do? Your work output is excellent when you add your touch to it. You touch many hearts with your good work.
Or speaking in literal sense-

“Touch is one of the beautiful perception of all the five senses”. It is a way to show compassion, care, affection.  All three are needed for building a ‘healthy’ society.
We surely need to preserve health in pandemic. But we also need to preserve healthy society for harmonious and healthy leaving in future.

Unfortunately we have lost the magic of human touch in this pandemic, impact of which will remain persistent over years!!!


(Note- I am not against breaking any rules in pandemic. We surely need to all health protocols and norms. I say no to “stigmatizing” that has prevailed in society. )

‘Being’ Woman

Woman is a wonderful creation of that almighty artist!

Her world is different, full of emotional rollercoaster ride at various stages and phases of life. She is a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, grandma, colleague, bestfriend etc. In every role she is your support system. She is an energy that drives you, inspires you, fills you with hope in your bad times. She is always there for and with you.
Her world is not easy. Changes in body and mind at various ages is not easy to cope, something which she does easily due to her adaptability.

She too may get angry at times, sad at times, may be she won’t express she feels and may suffer inside. But she is rock strong woman outside for world, for her children, dad, husband everyone.
She does many unsaid sacrifices in her life. Try to put yourself in her shoes sometimes…

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Learn to respect the women in your life. They are precious gift!!!

Learn to respect the women in your life. They are precious gift!!!
On this occasion of International woman’s day, I wish all a very happy Woman’s day

In search of’peace’

In the world full of chaos, she was searching something…. something she didn’t find in name and fame, something not found in the laughters in crowd, beyond lonely sobbing. Something beyond the glazing malls and egoes something beyond the decorated houses and faces

She searched it desperately but couldn’t find in groups. Then magic happened. In her solitude she felt it, she could never express it in any form but she surely found it!!

She found it, she found ‘peace’ there in herself. In her inner ‘self’. She realised that world full of chaos, full of anger, jealousy,fears, competition will not let her walk her path of happiness, her long quest to find peace. Only solitude with help. Being oneself even in crowd means being at peace. This is what she learnt this year. Peace is within oneself. As quoted by Lord Buddha- ‘ peace lies within oneself ,don’t seek without’. She lived it this year.



This incident happened few days back. I had just woke up early in the morning because of alarm and had rushed into kitchen to start daily chores. Early morning is best time for percieving ‘silence’ even if one is engrossed in chores and hurrying to rush for work. It was still dark outside and I was opening the security door for getting some fresh air. This was then when I heard a sound and got startled.

Pic source- Internet

Who was there outside so early in the morning? I wondered. With little fear, I opened the main door and stepped out. There was no one! I got scared a bit and turned back to rush in the house. Suddenly I heard the sound ‘meowww’.

Oh god! It was a kitten outside there. I again peeped out. Two little glaring eyes were staring at me with a slight ‘meow’, as if demanding to give it some food. It came forward, still maintaining safe distance from me. I went in kitchen, grabbed some yesterday’s leftover chapatis, broke them in chunks and placed before him.

That little thing was still staring at me, as if it was unsure to take the food from a human being. I realised the dilemma and stepped back a little. ‘Eat it my dear ,don’t be scared ‘ I assured him as if he could understand! He bent forward and started nibbling slowly, eyes still keeping a watch on me!I placed a water bowl for it. Being assured of safety, its gaze relaxed a bit afterwards. I had become his friend now.

This incident occurred in last week when in India Pitru paksha has started ( in this 15days we express gratitude and pay respect to our ancestors). I had read somewhere that in this days one should not deny food to any being who desires it and comes to your door step. I suddenly recollected it. What I could not forget is its gaze! I could perecive it’s feelings. Oh wait! So do animals too have feelings, thoughts? May be!

I can’t really pen down in words about what I felt that day! Feeling of contentment more than even what I feel after any patient gets cured! Emotions that two eyes reflected were enough for me to feel good. Even a human conversation may not give that feeling.

May be is this what they call god? May be god cannot be discovered but ‘percieved’ ? May be the answers lie within the questions. ‘Presence’ that initially seemed eerie turned out to be divine.


Lockdown diary

Almost 5 months have passed and still there is no normalcy in life. I don’t need to elaborate the situation. Many are already going through it. It feels as if we are just ‘living’ life without actually feeling it. We are living a lockdown life(Though unlocking procedure has started step by step) and it has definitely affected each and everyone of us in someway. I felt a need to make way for my emotions through this written account.

Nobody understands that social distancing is physical not emotional. I feel ‘online connected’ people are getting disconnected from themselves day by day. Even I feel it sometimes. A disconnection with ‘self’.

Being a medical professional, I have got a chance to travel almost daily for last few months. It is very tiresome and hectic. Imagine someone waiting for city bus in Mumbai after a hectic day and it doesn’t admit more than 2 people to enter the vehicle(due to social distancing criteria). I have seen many emergency services and other people standing for a long time waiting for bus to and fro(with a pounding heart worried of late mark, late reliving and even fear of losing the job) How tired and irritated they must be!! What will happen to their health? They are suffering more psychological turmoils daily which may affect their physical health.

An online lecture- There is a sudden awareness regarding education for all in our nation (which is good if it remains that way) because of which schools and colleges have gone online. There is a competition in quantity of classes conducted (without realising the ‘connectivity’ potential of at both ends). This has added to mental fatigue. I really feel sad when I see old teachers technically struggling to impart ‘quality’ knowledge to the students who either make fun of their efforts or ignore them by being just ‘virtually present’ in classes. I understand the struggle of students too who are not used to these online bombarding for so long hours, but I’m sure they find their ways out.

I know this post reflects no positivity. But It’s just account of what I perceive around me(without my additions). I will update about my thoughts regarding all this negativity engulfing around us. –OptimistSaya

Doctor’s day.

The most overlooked profession, taken for granted (until one falls ill) is Medicine. Health sector is most neglected or to be more appropriate is a selectively favoured sector in India. I being in this profession sincerely feel this-

My words may seem harsh but treatment is not just with infrastructure. It is done with compassion. ‘Doctor’ forms the most important pillar of health system. Unfortunately they are neglected (I’m limiting my talk to them who are working at grassroot levels i.e at frontline and not the policy framers).

We have understood the facts in this pandemic. I’m trying to pen my views-

1. We don’t need you to worship us with garlands or shower flowers on us, we expect some respect from society.

2. No doctor ever desires ill-health of his patients or kills them. Some of their fees may be high but understand that is there expertise that they charge for. Because afterall they too have household expenses and taxes to pay right?

3. Now a days people feel it is easy to assault the doctors. If you don’t get beds in hospital I think it’s failure of administration not the doctor. Do you dare to assault the corrupt politicians or inefficient administrators anytime? Doctor may be called a god’s angel but he is not god. Understand it.

My sincere request don’t wish us if you don’t respect our profession. We don’t need them. But dare not assault us. Because your future may be dreadful if no one dares to take up this noble profession !! I wish that should not happen otherwise you will have to be ‘atmanirbhar’ (self sufficient) enough to cut and stich your own wounds and conduct your own labour(delivery).

I wish my colleagues and medicos across globe, a very Happy doctors day and pray for their safety and well-being in this pandemic. We are duty bound. But do take care of yourselves. Your family too needs you.


Dear ‘Oneself’

We lost many people this year, our dear ones, many frontline covid warriors, dedicated Doctors, nurses ,police, eminent writers and bollywood celebrities. May their souls rest in peace. Today I felt an urge to write this article after recent sad demise of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput. I’m writing this article in wake of this incidences occurring in our society.

There are many different opinions among people regarding his demise. I think we are not apt to talk of it. We don’t know him beyond a celebrity actor. We don’t know what emotional turmoil he must have faced and suffered.

I felt a need to write on the scenario after his demise. Society got into the shoes of a judge as usual and passed their opinions on his personal life from his family to girlfriends, work life and everything as if they were with him and helping him all time.

Many even went to share the posts of ‘I’m there for you,call whenever you need ‘types. I appreciate their willingness to help the emotionally disturbed people. I don’t ridicule them. But my question is are you there for yourself and your family when needed? I analysed myself.

Being a Doctor myself I feel what makes a person to take such a drastic step to end his life? What he must have felt that time. May be loneliness? Competition? Hatred of fellow beings? Lack of society’s sympathy towards that poor being? May be , I don’t know. But surely it disturbed me to the core( Even though I am in a profession who have never dreaded death and working in this pandemic for patients) .

I am doing self analysis since lockdown. We call ourself social being? How many friends, acquaintances and relatives did I call in lockdown period to inquire their well-being? Or for an instance let’s make it reverse, how many of them tried to ask my well being? I will keep the answer to myself. But I think one should do this analysis atleast now.

I got my answer to the question. I remembered all times when I became mental support of many and those beings who became my emotional support system when I needed the most. I thank them from bottom of my heart.

One thing I realised now is that in this journey towards perfection it is perfectly ok to be imperfect. Because that’s what is the beauty in journey. Otherwise it will end.

I will not advice anyone to talk to me when they need as I understand and appreciate the fact that I’m not perfect. Even I need people to support me in bad times. But I will surely advice you to share your emotions with family, friends whom you trust. Don’t carry the burden of emotions that will crush you oneday.

Live life freely, without burden of society. Trust your near ones , family to share the difficulties. I’m sure they will help you,guide you. Talk to oneself very often. Nevertheless take care of yourself,you are precious. Value the creation of creator. Be happy,take care. – OptimistSaya


2 nd bday

Its second bday of your beloved blog. May this optimism help everyone in current scenario. Stay happy stay healthy,safe and inspired

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