Simply Beautiful

  1. These are some pics I happened to click few days back.collection of flowers. Posting them now-

Roses, we must appreciate them instead of cursing the thorns accompanying them.

I think one can find bliss in these beautiful flowers.

Why to “seek” and fight for proving the existence of that unknown good entity, if one can find it in these beings?


Friends , I won’t be able to post anything for few days due to my exams. Hoping to see you soon with new posts(after Christmas). Till then be happy ,stay healthy and keep the optimist in you alive! Adios amigos (Goodbye friends).

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Thanking all my readers and followers.

Today I have completed 6 months of blogging. I take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers.It is because of their support and boosting, I am able to continue this blogging journey.

As per the request of some readers and friends I am giving few links of my previous articles on this blog for quick reference-

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Now I am taking your leave.

If any reader or follower wants to share it’s opinion and suggestions personally,

this is my E-mail id-

Thank you. Keep reading!

Copyright- All rights reserved @OptimistSaya.

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Travel diaries….

Who doesn’t like to travel? Exploring new places, witnessing new culture, relishing local cuisine…

I too like to travel, but from today I will take you with me again to all places I travelled and witness all the good or bad experiences; through my new venture into travellogue-

” Travel diaries”

So are you ready for this journey with an Optimist?

See you soon with my first travelogue ( presenting shortly)…..


Do follow the blog for updates

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Short poem dedicated to those who crave for having a trustworthy,best friend in their life-

At times, I feel so sad,

And find no reason to be glad!

I hope for a company of friend in my fear,

To wipe my tear and make me cheer!

But the Luck has yet put me on wait

For such a pal is difficult to get!


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la música es vida

“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same. ”  -John Denver

MUSIC is the best creation on Earth. It is something that connects you with yourself or your soul and doesn’t know boundaries. We may be divided by territories, nationality, religion etc, we are always connected by music. Words don’t matter, language doesn’t form barrier in music. It just swipes you to another world. Continue reading “la música es vida”

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One thing that is certain in our uncertain Life is DEATH! Doesn’t this statement seem contrasting? But that is the ultimate truth.

So, in this uncertain life, why do we allow entry to false ego, jealousy that do nothing other than ruining our lives? Considering this one life that we have got is a chance to “live” for one selves, we must live it to its fullest.improving-life-health-hiking-nature

There are many things that we crave to do since childhood. As a child, I always wished to climb a mountain and scream on top of my voice, run on grass laden slopes, fly like a bird, dance like there is no tomorrow. Continue reading “ONE LIFE….”

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Just a thought….

“There are only two ways to live your life-

One is as though nothing is a miracle other is as though everything is a miracle” – Albert Einstein

Miracles happen or not is very subjective phenomenon. One needs to experience them. My point here is living as though everything is miracle shows great level of optimism and hope. When we give our best to our work, miracles happen. There is no substitute to hardwork and dedication. However you definitely get rewarded for it in some way. Miracles happen when they are your goals you strive for, and you whole heartedly wish them to happen.

This kind of attitude gives moral strength in difficulties.

– Optimist

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Festival of lights-“DIWALI”


It is finally here, like every year!

Every house in India be it small hut or huge mansion, is boasting the lit diyas (earthern lamps) around the colourful rangoli drawn at the entrance gates, the lanterns hanging at the roofs, and walls reflecting the multicolored lights decorated on it. I remember someone saying in a conference, that India means ‘colors’,there are people here who love colours. How can the great festival remain without it?

This year I went to visit a huge rangoli drawn by artists of a group called ‘Rangavalli’ from Thane, Mumbai. Drawn by many artists since 3 days, it was mesmerizing.sharing it’s picture here-

Festivals in India are not complete without special eatables that you make ,like in diwali- laddoos,chiwda,karanjis,namkeens like chaklis etc that you make at home(couldn’t share pics as they were mouth watering, and immediately eaten up before clicking pics).

All I have understood this years about Diwali is that it is not just a festival.

It is the time to spend with family, live your dreams, celebrate success, sidetrack failures and make a new start with hope. Make your bonds grow stronger, be it family, friendship and other relations. And last but not the least- Live life to the fullest! Live for yourselves too!

So dear friends, Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali .May it bless you with good health and grant you good fortune, with all dreams and wishes coming true.


To, my readers and friends,

Hello friends, How are you all? Hope you all are doing well in your lives.

first of all I’m so sorry for not posting anything since few days. The reason being I’m engrossed in number of activities, with approaching exams in December! upcoming festival of Diwali has added to it. But I can’t stay away from this place for long time. I miss my blog.

So let me share some pictures from our pre-diwali preparations in India-

and reader friends, be ready to enjoy my next optimistic post on “Diwali”, the biggest festival celebrated in India!

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello Everyone !

I’m so happy to be nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award by Accidental blogger. I take this opportunity to thank him whole heartedly for considering a new blogger like me for award .

He is a superb blogger who writes about various topics like friendship,love, relationships,life etc and is very expressive about unexpressed thoughts.

If you haven’t checked out his blog yet then do it now –

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging sites.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your site or on your post.

Q & A

1. What is your passion?

Ans-Writing my blog and Dancing are my passion. I’m otherwise introvert, but blogging and dancing are those things which transfer me to different world, and make me expressive.

2.Have you ever experienced failure? If yes , then how did you overcome it?

Ans-Yes. I must admit that I was never a bright student in school days. Rather I had experienced that feeling of inferiority complex many times in many situations and could not overcome it. I consider that as my biggest failure. But I gained self-confidence over the time as I got into my degree college.

3.What would you choose between family & love?

Ans-Obviously Family. Family is first love always.

4.Who is your role model?

Ans-Dr A.P.J Abdul kalam is my role model. I believe in his vision for India. I adore his simplicity.

5.What will you do if you got power of being invisible ? (Except Stalking)

Ans- I will treat that as superpower and try to fight the crimes that happen.

6.What excites you?

Ans-Travelling! Idea of exploring new places, cultures and meeting new people excites me.

7.Do you take care of your health?

Ans-Yes. I do regular exercise , balanced diet, meditation and keep happy mind for good health.

8.Do you love yourself?

Ans-Very much.

9.What are your addictions?

Ans-Reading. I can read 1 novel per day if I have nothing else to do..

10.Do you love my blog?

Ans-Yes. I do.

My Nominees-












My Questions

1. What is your goal in life?

2. Who is the person you love the most?

3. How do you think you will contribute to society via your blog?

4. What is weirdest nightmare you have seen till now?

5. Who is your favorite author?

6.What do you think about concept of God?

7 What is the most powerful thing in this world? Money or time?

8.Which is your favourite cuisine?

9. Which great persona you would like to meet if you got an opportunity to meet?

10. Which is your favourite city?

11. Do you wish to see the world through my optimistic eyeglasses? (Yes/no).

Thank you friends for all the support you extended to new blogger like me. I hope you all enjoy reading my posts on optimistic approach to life. Don’t forget to check out my new venture ‘Travel diaries’ on my blog. Coming soon with new post. Till then, Ciao!


Optimism perceived….

Optimism reflected from this small incidence sharing the same with you-

When you plant a creeper and believe that some day it will bear fruits since year of its plantation, unlike others.

Fruits of Piper longum (long pepper) plant, growing at my home garden.


And you finally see them one fine day, initially one small fruit followed by one after other growing rapidly, you believe more in your path of optimism.


Taxi driver

I like travelling a lot….

It is a combination of fun and learn! Many times we come across interesting persons while traveling. They make a life long impact on your personality.
Today I’m gonna tell you about one such person I met during a trip to Airport.

I had pre-booked a cab for one time drop to Airport from a renowned cab service.After a small confusion of change of the driver and vehicle at last moment, I traced the vehicle near my residence and started the ride.

“How did you come late bhaiyya? You should have called if you were unable to trace the address?” I asked vehemently.

” Ji, Mai toh kab ka aa gaya tha (I came much time before)! ”

After few minutes of similar conversation, I rested my back for few minutes trying to get short nap in this ride.

” Ji, aapka kidharka flight hai( which flight do you have)?”

I replied and became silent again to cut the conversation. However in some time strangely I found myself indulging in conversation with him, asking his name etc. Then he talked all about himself.

He began to work at age of 9 years, initially in packing department in a factory. He left it in few months as he thought there was no scope for ‘personal progress’ there. Later he learnt driving and since then he is into this occupation.Now he owns this car and is very fond of it.

“But what about the maintenance of vehicle, you must be getting lots of expenses right?’, I asked

He said he focuses on engine maintenance than anything in his car.

” Everything is fine if engine is fine. Appearance of car is not more important”, He said.

He loves his car more than anything. His business has given him good returns. He is well settled in a part of Mumbai and has 3 daughters whom he is striving to provide quality education.

” Mai unko bohot padhayega(I will let them study)” ,he said, ” mere jaisa unpadh nahi banayega( I wouldn’t let them remain illiterate like me)”

He seemed to be proud about his daughters who always excelled in school. He hopes that they will do well in their lives.

He talked about everything ranging from education, politics, weather, people to life….!!

One thing that I percieved in him was ‘Self content’. He was happy about his present, which very few people are!

He dropped me at airport with a small goodbye speech that meant-” life is not that bad, we must be happy for what we have instead of complaining of what we don’t possess…”

Really, sometimes we need someone to inspire us. That day he was that person.


God’s own country- Kerala part 3.

Today was our last day here. We woke up early today. After breakfast we went at Punarjani traditional village to see the traditional martial art of Kerala called ‘Kalaripayattu’.


It is an oldest martial art dating back to 3rd century. It is a fantastic self defense technique that makes use of elements of yoga shastra as well as some moves and finger movements from local classical dance form. Besides the use of strikes,kicks, weapons , they also make use of Knowledge of marma(i.e vitals) points of Ayurveda to disable the enemy.

Pre preparation of the show of Kalaripayattu by the artist.

I felt lucky enough to attend their performance which was conducted for about one and half hour.They literally worked everything from bare hand defense, dagger attacks to breathtaking spear fight,sword fights and stunts with fire.

After watching this, we went back to our hotel. Morning time was much pleasant in munnar with visible tea plantations on the slopes.

Tea plantations on slopes…..

After checking out from hotel we headed towards Cochin. we had lunch on our way.  Our return journey had started!

Friends, I’m falling short of words while writing about this trip and expressing what I have achieved through this journey. I witnessed the miracle of Neelkurinji bloom and beauty of nature. From my few visits to Kerala, I have met many different kind of people, however they all shared one thing in common – ‘Simplicity’. A virtue hard to achieve indeed! but people here seem to have inherited it in their genes. They all are simple yet elegant, polite yet self-composed , very hospitable and last but not the least they all are ‘good at heart’ people. In this journey Language was never a barrier! We didn’t knew each others dialects! but this is I think where beauty of India and Indians lies! we perceive the emotions more than dialect! That is the our unity in diversity..

Last pic taken there…..

This journey has not only connected me with Nature and people here but also with myself. Yes! this trip to God’s own country( as they call in kerala, Devbhoomi) Kerala has connected me to myself, a rare thing to happen in cities we dwell! I have achieved what i had been looking since some days, the “Inner peace”, feeling that can’t be explained in words! I would like to and will always visit Kerala in future, like second home!

With this, I take you back home again,Goodbye readers and Kerala! see you soon….


( Readers do give me your valuable suggestions over this first travelogue of mine….. I will meet you with the next destination very soon….)


God’s own country- Kerala part II

After witnessing heaven on earth at Athirapilly waterfalls we headed towards Munnar. Enjoying tea, coffee, medu wada, dosa etc for snacks at Hotel Saravana bhavan on the way, we began toughest travel of this trip on zigzag roads through mountain, deep valley on one side, only lights visible being headlights, and accompanied silence in our bus. The moments were difficult. Every jerk to vehicle stirred the contents of tummy. Road seemed to be never ending…

I suddenly woke up when bus came to final halt and few happy faces muttered ” Finally we have reached!” It became evident as we stepped out in chilling cold of Munnar. That night we didn’t pray to the goddess of sleep.

Next day we set out for Eraviculum national park, but not before doing heavy breakfast of idlis, chutney,sambar, utthappa, and coffee. We were supposed to enter the national park by forest vehicles. On reaching there we were boarded into those vehicles after purchasing tickets . The vehicles halted at a stop on that mountain from where we were supposed to walk. In this trail there were guards posted at particular distance, to keep watch on people and prevent nuisance.


In this trail we sighted Neelkurinji(Strobilanthus kunthianus) flowers they bloom after every 12 years span. we were lucky to sight two other varieties of Kurinji i.e strobilanthes that flower after 8 years span.What a miracle to see! All mountain ranges covered with these flowers give them bluish violet appearance, thus they are aptly named ‘Nila giris’ (blue mountains).

NEEL KURINJI FLOWERS(Strobilanthus kunthianus)

These ranges are also the shelter of nilgiri ‘tahr’. It is an endangered species endemic to nilgiri hills.We were lucky to sight them.



I was equally impressed by hospitality of people and their dedication towards work. There were crowds of tourists visiting this neelkurinji festival, but there weren’t chaos. Everything was well managed by the authorities there. I salute them wholeheartedly.

After watching neelkurinji and many other plants, butterflies species at Eraviculum national park and bidding them goodbye with a heavy heart, we left for lunch to our residence. After lunch we left to see the “Echo point” and Muttuputty Dam. Then we left to see the Tea factory. It started raining heavily all of the sudden. It didn’t seem to stop! we had to give up our plan to visit some local shops for shopping and tasting varieties of dosas.

The tiring day ended on happy note with the sweet dish “Paayasam” after dinner to make  our memories more sweet!

To be continued (in next & last part)…….


Readers, thank you for all your wishes and comments….

keep reading!


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